SEROFLO 50mcg/250mcg Multihaler 30mdI

SEROFLO 50mcg/250mcg Multihaler 30mdI


About the drug:
The combination drug preparation containing Salmeterol Xinafoate and fluticasone propionate is an effective medication that provides symptomatic relief and prevents Asthma, Chronic bronchitis and chronic disorders of pulmonary glands.


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About the drug:
The combination drug preparation containing Salmeterol Xinafoate and fluticasone propionate is an effective medication that provides symptomatic relief and prevents Asthma, Chronic bronchitis and chronic disorders of pulmonary glands.
Uses of the drug:
This drug is used for controlling and preventing the symptoms caused by asthma like wheezing and shortness of breath. Fluticasone is a corticosteroid while Salmeterol is a long acting beta antagonist. It prevents the asthma attack for asthma sufferers and decreases the inflammation in the lungs by releasing the chemicals that opens up the constricted tubes. This inhaler is a preventive medicine, and is not effective when asthma attack has already begun.
Working of the drug:
It contains active ingredient Salmeterol in it, which has a relaxing effect on the constricted bronchioles. It is a short acting beta receptor agonist and exerts broncho-dilator effects. It stimulates the beta 2 receptors and relaxes the smooth muscles of all airways from the trachea to the terminal bronchioles. Along with this, it also stops the production of inflammatory cell mediators that causes constriction. It also increases self clearing mechanism of the bronchi. This ingredient helps in relaxing the constricted bronchioles and facilitates the smooth breathing. While on the other hand the other combination ingredient works by reducing swelling and irritation of the airways.
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Dosage forms and strengths:
The combination drug of Salmeterol and Fluticasone is available in following strength combination and dosage forms:

Seroflo inhaler 25mcg +250 mcg?
Seroflo inhaler 25 mcg and 125 mcg
Seroflo Autohaler 25 mcg+250 mcg
Seroflo Autohaler 25 mcg+125 mcg
Seroflo Multihaler 50mcg +100 mcg
Seroflo Multihaler 50mcg +250 mcg

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Before you take the drug:
Do not take the drug if you:

Are allergic to any of the ingredients present in it
Are pregnant or breastfeeding
Have cardiovascular diseases like Hypertension in pregnancy and Myocardial insufficiency
Tell your doctor if you:
Suffer from paradoxical breathing (sudden narrowing of the airways)
Have epilepsy
Have diabetes

How much to take the drug?
The dose intake is prescribed by the Doctor depending upon the severity and demand of the disease condition. Always follow doctor?s instructions. Generally two puffs twice a day (morning and evening) are recommended for the asthma.
How to take the drug?

Do not swallow Seroflo Multihaler. Following are the ways to take the medicine:
Always check the mouthpiece before using, it should always be clean and dirt free
Place the inhaler in an upright position and shake well
Now empty your lungs by exhaling the air completely out of the lungs
Put the mouthpiece in your mouth and close your lips?
Take a deep breath through your mouth and press the canister to get puff of the medicine
Remove the inhaler and hold your breath for 10 seconds
Now breathe out through nose
Replace the cap and if needed take the second dose by repeating the steps as mentioned above

Fluticasone and salmeterol in Seroflo Multi-Haler 50/250 are delivered to the lungs in the form of a dry powder form directly into the bronchioles. these two drugs work work together to improve lung function, to lessen the symptoms of asthma.
When to take the drug?
You should take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Try to take the dose at the same time each day; this will reduce the chances of a missed dose. Generally, one or two puffs from your inhaler are effective in relieving you from the symptoms. Never take a dose more or less than the prescribed one.
For how long to take it?
Do not stop taking the drug or change the dose without consulting with your Doctor. Keep on taking the drug as long as recommended by the Doctor.
In case of overdose, even if you do not feel any discomfort, call your doctor or visit the nearest health care center immediately. Take medical help as soon as possible.
Miss dose:
Consult your Doctor if you miss the Dose. Don?t double up the dose in order to catch up.
Side effects of the drug:
Every medicine has some side effects; Inhaler is the one which has some mild and severe side effects also. It is not necessary that you will experience all of them. Some common side effects are listed below:

Mild tremors
Fever, pale skin, rashes
Nose bleeding

Common drug interactions:
Tell your doctor about all medications you use. This includes prescription, over-the-counter, vitamin, and herbal products. Your doctor will provide you the list of drugs to be avoided while taking Inhaler. Some of the drugs which interact with Inhaler are as follows:

Sympathomimetics drugs?
HIV protease inhibitors?
Beta blockers like Atenolol
Azole antifungal such as ketoconazole

Things to remember:

Keep the medicine in a close tight container and out of sight and reach of the children
Avoid interactions with people who have infectious diseases like flu, measles and chicken pox.
Keep a complete record of all the medicines you are taking along with this medicine