About the drug:
Diethylcarbamazine is the main active pharmaceutical ingredient present in Banocide Forte Tablets. Banocide Forte is classified as an anthelmintic and anti-worm medication. It is used to kill certain types of worm infections
Uses of the drug:
Benocide Forte 100 mg tablet is used for the treatment of certain types of worm infections, such as filariasis (elephantiasis), a parasitic disfiguring disease in which swelling of arms, legs or other body parts may occur. It is also used for other parasitic infections like topical eosinophilia, African eye worm (loaloa) or river blindness.
Working of the drug:
Diethylcarbamazine belongs to a class of drug known as Anthelmintic.It can act against both the larval and adult forms of the parasitic worms that cause filariasis. It works by killing the worm, which are responsible for the infections.