HEPCINAT 400mg Tablet 28’s


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HEPCINAT (Sofosbuvir) 400 mg Tablets About the drug:Sofosbuvir is a highly effective and well-tolerated treatment for people with chronic hepatitis C virus infection. It is a prescription medicine and should be used under proper medical guidance. Physicians prescribe specific drugs for individuals based on a person?s medical history and other health factors. The medicine comes in the form of tablets for oral administration. Sofosbuvir is the active ingredient of Hepcinat 400 mg tablets. The mediation is given in combination with other antiviral medicines to prevent the multiplication of hepatitis C virus. The infection can cause serious, life-threatening liver problems such as cirrhosis and cancer. The antiviral medicine is a sheer advancement in the cure of prolonged hepatitis C.Uses of the drug:Sofosbuvir (Hepcinat 400 mg) tablets are used with another antiviral medicine that prevents hepatitis C virus from multiplying in the body.Working on the drug:Sofosbuvir blocks one of the steps in the reproduction of the virus, which helps to stop the multiplication of the virus and eliminates the virus from the body.

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