AZELAST Eye Drops 5ml


About the drug:
Azelastine is an antihistamine drug used to fight various eye infections. Azelastine is available under several trade names such as Azelast, among a host of several other brands.
Uses of the drug:
Azelastine HCL (Opthlamic) is an eye drop medication used for the treatment of itchy or watery eyes caused by allergies (hay fever). It is an antihistamine that reduces histamine (a naturally occuring chemical which produces symptoms of itchy or watery eyes) in the body. Azelastine HCL Opthalmic is sold as Optivar and Azelast (made by Sigma). This medication may also be used for conditions not mentioned above.
Working of the drug:
Azelastine works by three modes of action:
Antihistamine effect
Anti-inflammatory effect
Mast-cell stabalising effect

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