Bio Kaajal (Nourishing & Conditioning Kaajal With Almond Oil) 3 gm


If taken care of properly and decorated the right way, eyes can be everybody?s attention catchers. There is a vivid variety of eye makeup cosmetics today that make your eyes look bright and stunning. But choosing the right cosmetic and makeup type for your eyes is also an important factor to wow everyone with your eyes. Eye Kaajal is that single eye cosmetic that enhances the beauty of every type of eyes and makes you look presentable. It highlights the lower contour of your eyes by darkening its colour, giving eyes a smoky and deep look. Bio Kaajal Nourishing & Conditioning Eye Liner with Almond Oil is one of the best choices in opting for a Kaajal as it is completely herbal in nature. As the name suggests, Bio Kaajal is an organic Kaajal that gently nourishes and conditions your eyes while glamorizing them with goodness of herbal botanicals.

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