Under Eye Gel (Lightens Dark Circle) 20 gm


Under Eye Gel (Lightens Dark Circle)
Dark circles are a prominent symptom of skin ageing and sleeplessness, but due to hectic work schedules and stressful life routines, dark circles begin to appear as a sign of premature skin ageing. Under Eye Gel is the best solution that visibly lightens dark circles and is made from the best skin lightening and repairing ingredients. Major ingredients in this list to form this strong dark circle remover are:
Rose Extracts tighten skin pores and curb skin ageing. They have an impeccable moisturizing, smoothening and firming action on all skin types and repair damaged skin cells to make skin look healthier and softer.
Flaxseed Extracts contain essential oils and proteins to work well as an effective anti wrinkle agent and have a skin plumping effect to visibly reduce wrinkles look reduced.
Lemon Extracts are a natural Vitamin C source and is an extraordinary anti tanning agent as it is renowned to lighten skin complexion.
Green tea is an impactful antioxidant that helps in replenishing damaged skin tissues.
Aloe Vera tones, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin gently to regenerate new skin cells and prevent signs of ageing and skin darkening.

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